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George Freeman With a month to go until the government’s spending review, there is  growing unease  among MPs and the research community that the government will drop its manifesto commitment on direct research investment, which has been repeatedly omitted from government communications in recent months. Instead, ministers have chosen to confirm the  £22 billion aspiration  but declined to attach any firm date to what John Womersley, former chief executive of the Science and Technology Facilities Council, called a “once-in-a-generation statement of scientific intent”. “Without a date it’s likely these important spending increases will simply be delayed forever, which is worse than if the commitment was cancelled altogether,” said Professor Womersley. “At least, you could then have a proper fight about it.” The task of lobbying for the 2024 commitment inside government will fall largely on Mr Freeman, who was appointed science minister earlier this month , having previously served as life sciences minister under David Cameron. Although his power is limited, as a junior minister, Mr Freeman could save the science budget by forging links with more influential ministers whose departments’ goals may overlap with his own, said Professor Womersley. “Michael Gove – who is charged with enacting the levelling-up agenda – is someone with whom he needs to make friends quickly,” he advised. “One way to deliver this agenda is through research spending and Freeman can make effective arguments about how science money can be spent in a way that will deliver an electoral pay-off in the short term as well as improve productivity longer term.” Mr Freeman, who worked for 15 years in the Cambridge bioscience start-up world before becoming an MP, may be a better advocate for science spending than someone with closer ties to academia, Professor Womersley added. “That industrial background is an advantage as Gove and [chancellor] Rishi Sunak tend to see science as a bit of a cabal – with almost all the money locked up in existing institutions and nothing left for those north of the Watford Gap.” Richard Jones, professor of materials physics and innovation policy at the University of Manchester whose work on how research and development can be used to boost the UK regions has been  admired by 10 Downing Street , agreed that Mr Freeman should argue the importance of science to levelling up but other arguments could prove more persuasive.

Science journal calls on scientists to combat Facebook misinformation A smart phone screen displays the logo of Facebook on a Facebook website background OLIVIER DOULIERY AFP/File Leading US journal Science on Thursday issued a rare editorial calling for scientists to fight back against the Covid misinformation that proliferates on Facebook. "The pandemic has revealed shocking ineptness by the scientific establishment at conveying messages about masks, vaccination, or the dangers of consuming horse drugs and aquarium cleaner," wrote editor-in-chief H. Holden Thorp. The former chemistry professor added that social media had been skillfully exploited by "antiscience forces," singling out Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino, right wing public figures who have built up loyal followings. Communicating about research is inherently difficult because the scientific process is slow and iterative, with caveats and answers that aren't always definitive, conceded Thorp -- and such content does not always lend itself to viral posts. But the problem is "the antiscience opposition doesn't care about the caveats," he added. While the pandemic has seen the rise of numerous credible scientists who have amassed large followings on Twitter -- examples include Ashish Jha, dean of Brown School of Public Health and NYU professor Celine Gounder -- the same is not true on Facebook. "People tend to trust individuals they know on Facebook, making it powerful for changing hearts and minds," said Thorp, urging engagement rather than a boycott. "To do battle in this arena, science will need to find its own super figures who can compete directly with the Shapiros and Bonginos of the antiscience world," he added, whether they be practicing scientists or skilled science communicators. [Insurance]