But For Most Of 2020 Life In Australia Carried On As Usual, With Schools, Restaurants And Theatres Open—and No Masks In Sight.

Georgia State Welcomes Interim Medical Director, Thanks Outgoing Leader for Service During Difficult Pandemic Era Georgia State Welcomes Interim Medical Director, Thanks Outgoing Leader for Service During Difficult Pandemic Era Public Relations and Marketing Communications ATLANTA—Dr. Susan Whitmer began work Sept. 8 as the interim medical director for Georgia State University, taking over for outgoing director, Dr. Ijeoma Azonobi. Azonobi will remain affiliated with Georgia State’s Student Health Clinic as a full-time consultant through Oct. 31 to provide support through the transition. She previously was a health clinic physician and began her tenure as Georgia State’s medical director in January 2020, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I know that you all will join me in welcoming Dr. Whitmer and thanking Dr. Azonobi for her leadership and continued commitment to provide the very best medical care to our Panthers through it all,” said Jill Lee-Barber, associate vice president for student health and wellness. Whitmer is a graduate of Emory University School of Medicine and was a U.S. Navy physician in Iraq. Following her active-duty service, she served in the Navy Reserve while leading outpatient clinic services in Nashville, Tenn. Whitmer earned an MBA from Duke University with a concentration in health services leadership. “I am very excited to have been selected as Georgia State’s interim medical director,” she said. “It is exactly the blend of administrative and clinical responsibilities I enjoy, combined with the energy of a university setting. I look forward to working with the Student Health Clinic, Health and Wellness, and Housing teams as well as other Georgia State leadership to tackle rising COVID-19 numbers and continue to improve care. As an Atlanta native, I’m thrilled to be back in my hometown and to have an opportunity to serve an outstanding university.”

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Early in the pandemic Australia, New Zealand and other countries in the Pacific closed their borders and set up quarantine hotels to keep the virus out until vaccines were available. More than 30,000 Australians overseas are waiting to return home because of limits on how many can do so each month. Some who got stuck in India contracted covid-19 there and died. But for most of 2020 life in Australia carried on as usual, with schools, restaurants and theatres open—and no masks in sight. When a covid-19 case slipped through the quarantine wall, meticulous contact-tracing prevented big outbreaks. By August 25th Australia had registered 39 covid-19 deaths per million people, compared with about 1,700 per million in Europe. But the highly contagious Delta variant, which spread globally this spring, has pushed the zero-covid approach to its limits. “It’s not just that you have to do everything you do better. It actually breaks the system,” says Catherine Bennett of Deakin University in Melbourne. Delta spreads so easily that even if contact-tracers reach an infected person within 30 hours of a positive test, their contacts would already have passed the virus down several chains of transmission, says Dr Bennett. The only way to curb such outbreaks has been through short lockdowns known as “circuit-breakers”. With more infections slipping through the net, that leads to what Dr Bennett calls an “epidemic of lockdowns”. More than half of Australians have been in lockdown at one point or another since June. Melbourne has seen more than 200 days of lockdowns since the pandemic began. Hence the plan to ditch the zero-covid paradigm and accept that cases, and to a lesser extent deaths, will rise. How high they will rise depends on how quickly Australians are vaccinated. About a quarter are fully jabbed, compared with 50-60% of Europeans and Americans. In addition, almost no Australians have acquired immunity naturally, through infection. Australia’s campaign got off to a late start because of blog here supply delays.


They saw a dynamic talent and turned in the card. With the dip in production from Jaylon Smith and the checkered injury history of Leighton Vander Esch , the Cowboys nabbed the Penn State product to upgrade the speed, athleticism and playmaking ability of the linebacker corps. Moreover, Jones believed Parsons was the "best defender" in the draft. Two weeks into the 2021 season, Jerry's assessment looks pretty good. Parsons flashed dominant skills as a sideline-to-sideline LB menace in Week 1 , then shifted outside to wreck the game as an explosive edge rusher in Week 2 . That latter outing, in which Parsons filled the void left by defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence (foot injury) and Randy Gregory (reserve/COVID-19 list), was particularly eye-opening . Despite manning the edge for the first time since his high school days, Parsons harassed, battered and bruised  Justin Herbert  in the pocket, recording one sack, one tackle for loss, four QB hits and eight pressures. The first-year standout exploited overmatched right tackle Storm Norton , showing off an impressive repertoire of pass-rush maneuvers based on his supreme athleticism. The dazzling display has prompted some observers to suggest a full-time move to defensive end for Parsons, but that would prevent the Cowboys from maximizing his talents as a multi-dimensional playmaker with pass-rush skills as well as hit, run and chase ability. "There's a lot to develop here," Cowboys DC Dan Quinn told reporters this week .